Session Length: 70 Minutes
Price: $111

Looking to feel more balanced and self-assured? Have you been struggling with positive self talk? Have you had sessions before that left you wanting for more of a connection?

Facilitated by Kellie J. Lally and Sharon Tripp, these 2 masterful energy practitioners combine decades of energy healing experience to fuse both Earthly and Divine energy sources for the purpose of clearing, balancing, and energizing your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy layers.

Ancient meditations, Crystal Alchemy Sound healing, Crystals, conscious breath-work, Healing Halo, and divine Angelic energies are combined to remove any stagnant energy and replace it with high frequency love and light. The result is stronger, lighter, and more balanced energy that can be used to live your highest and best existence that is eager to follow a chosen soul path.

The renewal and healing of Mother Earth enters your energy system from below your feet and sweeps stagnant energy out through the top of your head, while healing energy from the angelic realm via our Signature Healing Halo treatment spirals around you in a circular motion. Combining these two types of healing modalities creates an energy pattern that resembles an atom: the basic building block of all creation.

After an Atom Fusion Session, you will likely feel a physical shift in your energy as you will have received a special treatment balancing your energy centers with those of your higher self, Mother Earth, & the Divine and as always to the extent meant for your highest & best. Having an experience likely as no other, you’ll walk away from Heaven & Earth feeling rejuvenated having not only more energy but a sense of clarity, direction, purpose, and peace.

About Kellie J. Lally

Kellie is an angelic soul sharing pure joy and love through her divine connection with angels, ascended masters, and other divine beings of love & light. She has come to realize that her soul’s mission is to work with you and your spiritual team of angels to ensure you see yourself as the Divine Spark you are. Her lifelong experience communicating with animals coupled with her animal reiki experience evolved into her own special animal healing modality, Rover Reiki. Opening its doors in February of 2018, she is honored to be the guardian of Heaven & Earth, LLC.For more information about Kellie, please read her full bio.

About Sharon Tripp

Having inherited her healing skills from generations of Newfoundlander women, Sharon believes her path of service is to share her knowledge, abilities and deep-rooted faith with others. She uses her intuition and connection to Mother Earth to share insight & healing with her clients. By looking within their energy field, she is able to identify problem areas, use her natural energy to clear any blockages, and channel the Healing Angels to soothe any emotional and spiritual issues. Through this process, her clients become empowered to connect to their higher selves and make more positive choices as they move forward in their lives. For more information about Sharon, please read her full bio.

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