Session Length: 30 Minutes
Price: $44

Whether you are struggling with a situation directly in front of you or are just curious about what your future may hold, a Crystal Wisdom Reading holds the answers you're looking for.

During your session Sharon Tripp, a 3rd generation Newfoundlander healer, will use faden crystals to assess your current energy strengths and challenges. You will then be asked to select a number of crystals to identify any additional details and/or remedies for areas that may be holding you back.

You will also be asked to pull cards from Sharon's Crystal Ally deck regarding a particular question or subject to help determine your best path forward, followed up by your selection of more crystals for additional guidance regarding any you questions you may have.

About Sharon Tripp

Having inherited her healing skills from generations of Newfoundlander women, Sharon believes her path of service is to share her knowledge, abilities and deep-rooted faith with others. She uses her intuition and connection to Mother Earth to share insight & healing with her clients. By looking within their energy field, she is able to identify problem areas, use her natural energy to clear any blockages, and channel the Healing Angels to soothe any emotional and spiritual issues. Through this process, her clients become empowered to connect to their higher selves and make more positive choices as they move forward in their lives. For more information about Sharon, please read her full bio.

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