Session Length: 50 Minutes

Price: $85

Lovingly described as "Healing with the Energy of Angels", this practice developed by Stevan J. Thayer of the Center of Being uses the violet angelic energy ray brought to us through the 9 Healing Angels of the Energy Field.

Working directly with your 12 Strand Spiritual DNA as you relax quietly, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) supports in the safe, gentle releasing of the limiting energy patterns from your past, empowers & balances your life in the present, and helps you reach for the stars as you evolve into your future.

As a result, the pain of your past becomes integrated into the power of your present, leading you joyfully into the endless possibilities of your future!

About Kellie J. Lally

Kellie is an angelic soul sharing pure joy and love through her divine connection with angels, ascended masters, and other divine beings of love & light. She has come to realize that her soul’s mission is to work with you and your spiritual team of angels to ensure you see yourself as the Divine Spark you are. Her lifelong experience communicating with animals coupled with her animal reiki experience evolved into her own special animal healing modality, Rover Reiki. Opening its doors in February of 2018, she is honored to be the guardian of Heaven & Earth, LLC.For more information about Kellie, please read her full bio.

About Sharon Tripp

Having inherited her healing skills from generations of Newfoundlander women, Sharon believes her path of service is to share her knowledge, abilities and deep-rooted faith with others. She uses her intuition and connection to Mother Earth to share insight & healing with her clients. By looking within their energy field, she is able to identify problem areas, use her natural energy to clear any blockages, and channel the Healing Angels to soothe any emotional and spiritual issues. Through this process, her clients become empowered to connect to their higher selves and make more positive choices as they move forward in their lives. For more information about Sharon, please read her full bio.

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Schedule Your Session Now with Sharon (50 Minutes)

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