Get One-on-One Guidance Along Your Spiritual Path

Love our workshops and development groups, but are looking for more one-on-one guidance in your every day life? You're in luck! We offer a private and semi-private mentorship program to give you the extra support you are looking for.

Session Length: 60 Minutes
Price: $125

If you've been wanting to take a more active approach in achieving your dreams, this mentorship program is for you!

Using a combination of Mother Earth energy and Divine direction, Sharon loves to empower people to believe in themselves, balance their own energy, and manifest what is best for all involved in a specific situation.

Specific skills you can learn and/or expand upon are:

  • Personal Energy Management: Balancing, Clearing & Infusion
  • Various Divination Techniques
  • Creating & Clearing Sacred Space

Acceptance into this mentorship program is contingent on completion of an application and/or interview. The frequency and number of your sessions will be determined once you have been accepted based on schedules and your desired goals.

About Sharon Tripp

Having inherited her healing skills from generations of Newfoundlander women, Sharon believes her path of service is to share her knowledge, abilities and deep-rooted faith with others. She uses her intuition and connection to Mother Earth to share insight & healing with her clients. By looking within their energy field, she is able to identify problem areas, use her natural energy to clear any blockages, and channel the Healing Angels to soothe any emotional and spiritual issues. Through this process, her clients become empowered to connect to their higher selves and make more positive choices as they move forward in their lives. For more information about Sharon, please read her full bio.

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