Session Length: 60 Minutes
Price: $125 (Private); $85 (Semi-Private)

If you have ever found yourself saying "I wish I could get specific direction just for me regarding my spiritual development", this mentorship program is for you!

Together with Kellie J. Lally, you will expand your self-awareness which includes identifying when you are not standing in your own power and learning how to do so. You'll also develop your intuition & psychic senses, empowering you to live a happier life.

Acceptance into this mentorship program is contingent on completion of an application and/or interview. The frequency and number of your sessions will be determined once you have been accepted based on schedules and your desired goals.

Based on availability, this mentorship program is also offered as a semi-private experience which means you can share your mentorship experience with another person(s)! In fact, if you already have a friend or two who wants to participate in the program with you, just let us know and we'll get you all scheduled.

About Kellie J. Lally

Kellie is an angelic soul sharing pure joy and love through her divine connection with angels, ascended masters, and other divine beings of love & light. She has come to realize that her soul’s mission is to work with you and your spiritual team of angels to ensure you see yourself as the Divine Spark you are. Her lifelong experience communicating with animals coupled with her animal reiki experience evolved into her own special animal healing modality, Rover Reiki. Opening its doors in February of 2018, she is honored to be the guardian of Heaven & Earth, LLC.For more information about Kellie, please read her full bio.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time only private mentorship is available. Please call the studio if you are interested in semi-private mentorship.

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