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Session Length Options: 25 Minutes & 50 Minutes
Price: $44 & $85

A reading with Lev can help you to clarify any unresolved issues you may have with your loved ones beyond the veil. If you simply just want to communicate with your loved ones, Lev can help provide healing and closure with your situation.

About Lev Moore:

Lev Moore is an eclectic Psychic Medium,  clairvoyant as well as Certified Fitness and Wholistic Wellness Coach.  with a rich cultural heritage. Lev's old world Roots being from Bulgaria, Italy & Australia have no doubt contributed to his gifts. Being highly clairvoyant, Lev began communicating with and assisting deceased loved ones at an early age. Lev is also well fluent in Bulgarian, Russian, Italian, French and Australian British English contributing to his electric energy and zest for life that drives his soul purpose, helping people. Given his strong connection to both the divine and deceased loved ones, Lev is able to profoundly assist his clients. Are you looking for answers, resolution to perceived conflicts, and that loving sense of sense of closure and peace of mind? Lev invites you to sit with him as he works with his Team to guide you in finding this clarity, healing, and closure. 


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