Session Length: 50 Minutes

Price: $40 for one person, $60 for two people

In our world of never-ending "To Do" lists and unexpected interruptions, it is very easy for us to become overwhelmed and frantic. We tend to forget to that we are "human beings" not "human doings" and next thing you know, our muscles are aching, our tempers are short, and we become forgetful. Every little thing gets on our nerves and we find ourselves wishing we could run away from it all and hide. And though hiding doesn't fix the problem, making time to relax and get centered again does which is where our Rest & Relaxation Crystalline Experience comes in.

Set in our Rest & Relaxation room for your exclusive use, this experience begins with meditation music and Halotherapy which uses negative ions of Himalayan salt to help to improve mood, relieve tension and stress, as well as boost energy, increase concentration, and improve the quality of one's sleep.

During your time in this room, you will also have access to our medical grade 3D massage chair and our Himalayan Salt heated lounger. The massage chair offers reflexology in your hands & feet, removing energy blockages and promoting health throughout your body. The heated lounger allows for reclining into a zero gravity position which creates a sensation of weightless that allows you to deeply relax and release tension in your body.

If you would like to enhance your experience, there are additional options you can add to your session:

  • Kellie's Crystal Bowl Bath ($44): Played live by Kellie J. Lally, these special bowls help to realign our crystalline bodies to a state of wholeness. Availability is limited.
  • Eye Refreshening Goggles ($10): Offering light therapy, these goggles help to prevent migraines and enhance your feelings of well-being.
  • Laying of the Crystals ($25): Prepared by a member of our staff, a crystal grid specific to you can be placed in the room or on your person for the duration of your session.
  • Reiki ($44): Facilitated by a member of our staff, you can also undergo a Reiki session during your experience. Availability is limited and sessions lasts 25 minutes of your 50-minute session.

Lastly, if you want to share this experience with another person, you can. However, the Kellie's Crystal Bowl Bath and Reiki enhancement options are only available for single person sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: Clothing is required, including socks if you would like to use the massage chair. For your convenience booties will be available.

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