Experience Wellness at the Level of Mind, Body & Soul

Relax and center your soul with any of our Holistic Energy Sessions! From traditional energy healing modalities such as Reiki to our signature sessions such as Healing Halo and Atom Fusion, we have something for you.

Clear, balance, and energize your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy layers with this signature healing treatment.

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Experience the positive boost your soul is craving through this powerful, yet gentle energy session that moves and/or clears stagnant energy, infusing healing where it is needed.

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Experience this amazing angelic visualization technique that frees you to live your highest & best life.

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Provide relief for physical & emotional issues being experienced by your pet through this proprietary energy healing system.

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Return to a state of wholeness with a healing Sound Bath featuring Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal Bowls.

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Return to a state of wellness with this powerful, yet gentle energy healing.

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Bring your mind, body, and spirit back into a peaceful and relaxed state in our Rest & Relaxation Room.

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