Wellness Energy Treatments

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Have you been experiencing chronic discomfort physically, mentally, and/or emotionally? In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and energy medicine, the belief is chronic pain and tension runs deeper than the physical body. The goal is to find the root of discomfort on an emotional and mental level. From there the client works to correct what is out of balance, to achieve homeostasis. The session will start with a discussion with Adam about what is causing your "dis-ease". He will ask a number of questions that will better guide him to the appropriate treatment for your session. If you are unsure or need more clarification, Adam can take a pulse diagnosis to better determine a suitable treatment. From there, he will use tools from modalities such as Acupressure, Reiki, Dan Ming Qigong, and gentle massage therapy. During the session Adam may ask what the client is experiencing from the treatment. This not only guides Adam to the next course of action, but also allows the client to tune into their own body and energy.

Session Length: 50 Minutes

Price: $85


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